Tierrasanta Endowment Fund for Community Youth

In December 2008, the San Diego City Council overwhelmingly passed a resolution that was a significant step forward toward implementing a 1989 agreement made during a major residential development in Tierrasanta.  The developer agreement set aside funds to establish an Endowment Fund for Community Youth for the benefit of current and future youth in the Community of Tierrasanta, especially to enhance academics and athletics.  By 2008, the principle and earnings of the fund had grown to $341,000.  Mayor Jerry Sanders approved the action and issued a written resolution reflecting terms that authorized the mayor to enter into an agreement that would distribute the $341,000 in endowment funds to the Kiwanis Foundation of Tierrasanta.  This was the culmination of a long process during which the community and City government that considered many resources to implement this endowment for the benefit of current and future youth in Tierrasanta.   From the start in 1989, it was substantially understood by involved community members and government representatives that the concept of "endowment" contemplated a long-term investment with a plan annually to use only a portion of the principle and the earnings of the fund for various youth projects throughout the community.  Efforts are now ongoing to finalize the agreement with the City of San Diego that will allow this important project for the benefit of youth in Tierrasanta to get underway.  The Kiwanis Foundation of Tierrasanta is dedicated to working with leaders, organizations and individuals in the community while effectively managing the endowment funds wisely for the youth in Tierrasanta. 

Tierrasanta Youth Endowment City Council Resolution R-304515-12-2008

Ugandan Orphan Project


                                                                 Natalie Crane's Ugandan Orphans

                                                      Front L to R: Nabuduwa Sylvia, Taka Rachel and Asher
                                                      Natalie "Peanut" (the Caretaker’s daughter)
                                                      Back L to R: Ogola Richard, Ajambo Beatrice and
                                                      Nasulumbi Agnes 

The foundation is helping to provide monetary support of a family of Ugandan orphan children by accepting, managing and disbursing donated funds for documented needs including subsistence, education and medical expenses.  The project was initiated and is being administered by Tierrasanta resident Natalie Crane who has cared for the family since embarking on a remarkable one (1)-year journey to Uganda to assist the needy.  She encountered this family and aided them while she was in Uganda and continues to do so after her return home.

Donor Form-Orphan Project