Kiwanis Foundation of Tierrasanta, San Diego

Donor Recognition

(As of 2012)

 Grantors ($25,000 to $49,999)

Kiwanis Club of Tierrasanta, San Diego 
Opal Bowman Endowment for Vernon D. Bowman Scholarship
Rozella Eugenia O’Bryant

Benefactor ($10,000 to $24,999)

Kiwanis Club of East San Diego Foundation
Founder ($5,000 to $9,999)
Anonymous to Benefit Ugandan Orphan Project

Patrons ($2,500 to $4,999)
Dr. Paul and Jill Crane
John and Jeannette Haigis
John and Cathy Hopper
Jim and Clare Law
Michael and Patricia Pent
Dr. Hani and Marilyn Shatila

Sponsors ($1,000 to $2,499)

Anonymous Memorial to Beloved Pet Dog Lady
Richard Boas
Rich and Heidi Bourda
Richard and Robin Dieterle
Deborah Foley
 Diane Frank
Larry A. Guske
Jeffrey and Rebecca Hopper
Kiwanis Cal-Nev-Ha Foundation
Kiwanis Club of La Jolla
Tom and Colleen Lambert
Jim and Robin Madaffer
John and Melinda Martin
Judge William D. and Patricia Mudd
Vivien A. Nelson Foundation
George and Patricia Paluso
Peter and Claudia Penczar
Bob and Candy Richards
 Raneta Rooks
San Diego Gas and Electric/Sempra Energy
Wim and Rosie Struyk
Rex and Kathy Warburton
Larry and Lyn Weddell
Ed and Peggy Williams
Stephen and Patricia Wojdowski

Honor Roll ($500 to $999)

Bridgeport Ed. (PAC) on Behalf of Anonymous Donor
Martin and Jane Cary
Peter and Vivian Caswell
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Coleman
Sheri Ann Dale
Carlo and Nadine Deleo
Claudette Cherniss Dassow
 John Gray
Richard and Marcia Hansen
Arnie and Marilyn Kachok
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kadel
Julie Keeler
Jeanne M. Laughlin
Dr. Don and Janet Longacre
Linda Lyons
 Michael McBeth
Alicia Morgan
New York Life Insurance Co. (PAC) on Behalf of Ed Williams
 Shane Noel
Dr. Larry and Linda Okmin
Jeff and Julie Ott
Timothy Paul
 Linda Payne
Dr. Michelle Pent
David Qualls
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sitter
Syd and Joan Smith
Daniel H. Stinemates
 Tierra Mesa Veterinary Clinic-Dr. Hani Shatila
Bob and Carol Weckman
Richard and Cheryl Wilken
Contributors ($100 to $499)

Mr. and Mrs. Leon S. Alpert
 Jean-Pierre Amor
James and Ginny Austin
Joe Austin
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Baranowski
 Laura Barish
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Bell
Marin and Hadley Blomquist
Marjorie Boas-Levins
John and Susan Bolger
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Borich
Mr. and Mrs. Ross Bouman
Mr. and Mrs. Ward Bouman
Team Bourda Inc. Realtors
Mr. and Mrs. Henry G. Bray
Carina and Adam Brand
Aime Brozda
Michele M. Burgart
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Campbell
Cary Canning Estus
Ronald and Patty Carnago
Larry and Jean Carter
D. Douglas Cassat DDS
Jean Catling-Reynolds
Andrea Chamberlain
Cathy and John Chesire
Charles Coco
Rita Cohen
 Barbara Collins
Suzanne Cooper Dias
James and Lynda Cote
Mr. and Mrs. Kent Cross
Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Croxton
Duane and Lauren Crum
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Dakin
Mr. and Mrs. Michael DeMarco
Darlene Devaney
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Domingo
 A.C. Duckett, Jr.
Christine Edwards
Kenneth Elkern, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Erlanson
Robert and Sarah Esch
Joe and Robyn Estey
Dr. Michael Fillat
Mr. and Mrs. James Gay
Gerhard and Barbie Gengelbach
Mike and Donna George
Bradley Gerbel
Eric and Rosa Germain
Carla Gerstein
Mr. and Mrs. Gieskes
Judge David M. and Marsha Gill
Joshua Goldsmith
Carla Gossell
William and Sharon Griswold
Betty Halac
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Hall
Pamela Hanig
 Katherine Harvey
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Harris
Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Hayes
Tammie Hedtke
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Helm
 Donald Henely
John and Linda Henely
Thomas Henry
 Joseph Herger
Susan Hill
Gerald and Patricia Holmes
Mr. and Mrs. William S. Hoover
 Alex Hormozi
Robert Houchin
Lucy Howard
 Erica Ingle
Maureen Iverson
 Patricia Jafry
William and Suzanne Jakaitis
Jewish Community Foundation
Terrance Jope
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Juhasz
Timothy Kantrud
 S. Myron Klarfeld
Rita and Dr. John Koett
Michele Kole
Mr. and Mrs. Alden LeBaron
William and Valerie Lee
Kent and Gloria Lewis
Dr. Lillian Liberto
Paul and Orletta Liberto
Christine Lieber
Richard Lief
Susan Long
Jean Mabie
Leslie Macdonald
 Diane Mackey
Nancy Marks
Thomas and Ann Massey
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Mayberry
Leslie McDonald
Michael and Melinda McGlinn
Larry and Yolie McLeland
Susan Mercurio
Alan and Marianne Meth
John Mills
Shirley Moore
Thomas and Carol Mundell
Thomas and Kathleen Murrell
Victoria Newmark
Karen Nimchuk-Cook
Dr. Terence O’Grady
Mary Ann Paluso
Calvin and Patricia Pancheri
Mr. and Mrs. James Parker
 D. A. Peters
Donald and Jean Pisor
David and Catalina Preskill
William Reschke
Charles Rhoades
Ronald Rinehart
 Beth Robben
Sherry Robinet
Maureen Roeder
Anne Rosser
Joana Rowan
Norman and Beckie Ryan
Robert Ryan
Dr. Donald Saba
Duane and JoAnn Samuelson
Dr. Brian and Patricia Saunders
Marianne Schafstall
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sheehan
William Sidner
William Silvan
Ruby Simmons
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Skinner
 Robert Slagle
Michael and Mary Smiley
Jean L. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Duke Sobek
Chris Stai
Russell and Peggy Stai
Robert and Ellen Steadman
Mark and Denise Stevens
Debra Stevenson 
Judge Larry Stirling (Ret.) 
Yates and Linda Stirling
Jo-Ann Swindle
Timothy and Susan Taylor
Ken and Kris Temple
Lizabeth Thompson
Chris Timmins
The United Way of San Diego
 Robert Tomlinson
Thom and Ginny Van Benthuysen
Dr. Paul and Dee Van Horne
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Veihl
Jim and Jeanette Vlassis
 Robin Walburn
Jesse and Skip Wallace
P. K. and Candy Walsh
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wasilausky
Phillip and Cecilia Weck
Amy Weinsheim
 Celeste Weinsheim
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Whitacre
Scott and Shawnee Williams
Patricia Willy
Gail Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Wong
Trudy Wood
 Robert and Christie Wright
Howard Young
Kenneth Young
 Tina Zadravecz
Karen Zatt
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